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About DinSäkerhet.se

Dinsäkerhet.se is a web site about risk and safety and is aimed at the individual. The site is in Swedish. 

The web site provides tips on how you can prevent accidents and injuries at home and in recreational environments. The web site also provides you with the tools for responding in the correct manner when an accident or emergency occurs.

Dinsäkerhet.se is run by the MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) in cooperation with other actors in the safety sector in order to produce films and other material for the web site.

Dinsäkerhet.se should be educational and inspiring. You can find tips here when you need help with a specific issue related to your home or recreational environments. This site covers the following subjects: safety for children and youngsters; fire and fires; hazardous substances; the consequences of natural events & natural disasters; your emergency preparedness; and risk and information security. The selection is based on emergency and injury trends in Sweden.

The aim of dinsäkerhet.se is to make you aware of the risks so that you can make good decisions. Sometimes this also includes making good decisions for others around you. This can be in your role as a parent or recreational leader.

Social media

Dinsäkerhet.se has its own fan page on Facebook. When the web site is updated relevant entries are put out on Facebook as well, which aim to get more people to read the article, to direct people to the web site, and not least to be present on the forums you are on. If you want to "Like" us on Facebook simply click on "Like" at the foot of the side column and follow the instructions.

Dinsäkerhet.se also has its own channel on You Tube where you can watch all of the web site's films. The reason for choosing You Tube as a platform for all our films was to get as much exposure as possible. If you want to embed one of our films into your web site, app or similar be sure to quote us as the source and refer viewers to dinsäkerhet.se for more information.

The address to the You Tube channel is www.youtube.se/msb

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